The Leading Junior Golf Experience in the Home of Golf



On one afternoon during the St Andrews Golf Camp, our junior golfers will be given the opportunity to experience hickory golf at Kingarrock. Hickory golf is simply golf, as played in the halcyon days of the 1920s. At the National Trust for Scotland’s Kingarrock Hickory Golf Course, you'll play with original hickory clubs from the 1900s and softer, rubber-wound balls on a 9 hole course in a serene setting, making the most of fine Scottish views and a rich natural environment


Kingarrock's hickory golf heritage stretches back to 1904 when wealthy jute magnate Frederick Sharp first brought his family across the Tay to the National Trust for Scotland's Hill of Tarvit Mansion House, attracted by the house's proximity to St Andrews' Royal and Ancient Golf Club


The juniors will be provided with with five original 1900s hickory clubs: a Spoon, a Driving Iron, a Mid Mashie, a Mashie Niblick and a Putter. The golf balls used are rubber wound balls, similar to those used in the 1920's